Welcome to Krishna Dairy

We, at Krishna Dairy have experience of more than 15 years. Our expertise in manufacturing allows us in supplying best dairy products across India. We have been serving our customers with healthy milk products like Skimmed Milk, Pure Ghee and Butter for years now.

At Krishna dairy, we are strongly committed for:

  • Adherence to strict manufacturing standards.
  • Prime importance given to hygiene and nutrition.
  • Commitment of high quality dairy products.

As our esteemed customer, we would like you to take a glimpse at our manufacturing process of healthy & tasty dairy items.

Company Profile

Krishna Dairy formed during 2006, located in Shrirampur, Dist- Ahmednagar (India). Today, our dairy plant is equipped with modern technology and latest machinery. We are mainly into Milk Procurement, Processing & Trading, and Manufacturing of Milk Bi-products such as Cream, Ghee, Butter, Butter Oil, AMF, Pasteurizing Milk-Bulk etc.

We have very humble beginnings as we started our dairy business from very small milk procurement unit. Although, today we have scaled up to 1 Processing Centers and 9 Bulk Milk Coolers.
Today, we are having milk acquiring capacity of 100,000+ litres per day. We are having modern laboratory for testing milk and techniques manged by qualified dairy technologist.

The milk is being procured from more than 15 villages, at our collection center from the farmers. We are associated with more than 50,000 farmers directly. They are supplying the produce to our Milk Cooling Centers on regular basis.
These farmers collect the milk from more than 11 villages of Ahmednagar Districts namely Shirasgaon, Wakadi, Malewadi, Malegaon, Maheshgarh, Tulapur, Godwin, Nandur, Ambi, Kadakwadi, Astagoan, Baragaon etc. Once the collection is completed they provide it at our centres.

Extensive Support to Local Dairy Farmers

Since Last 14 years, we are directly associated with top milk dairies and supplying average daily 60,000 litres of Milk. We at Krishna Dairy, strongly support the dairy farmers because

  • Milk is the perishable commodity; therefore borrower need access to Assured Market.
  • The milk production/procurement varies as per season and also the market demand fluctuates which is not directly related with production. Thus for the continuity of business the borrower requires assured market base.
  • Other support services i.e. technical guidance, veterinary camps, cattle feed supply, farmer training & artificial insemination etc.